Things to do for students in St Andrews

St Andrews is a great place to be for students. It’s packed to the brim with places to make memories while studying. There’s over 30 pubs in this fab seaside town. In fact, St Andrews has one of the highest ratios of pubs to people, perfect for students and their nightlife!

Students enjoying a beer with their peers

8 Brilliant Things for Students to do in St Andrews

There are plenty of places to see and loads of places to get some tasty food. It’s also home to the award-winning Cromars Classic Fish and Chip Shop. Voted the best in Scotland for two years running. And, students in St Andrews can get a decent discount on everything on the menu, including our amazing ice cream milkshakes and sharing boxes.

We’ve paired 8 brilliant things for students to do In St Andrews with some of the great stuff on our menu to give you some inspo. Want to know more? Then read on . . .

1. Start your Fresher’s night out with a chippy tea

It is no secret that a big part of the university lifestyle is heading to the local boozer, and we know St Andrews has many to choose from. When you’re heading out on the town in Scotland, though, it’s always wise to fill your stomach first! It’ll give you the energy to dance the night away for even longer and save you money on that overly expensive kebab at the end of the night. You’ll definitely enjoy a pint at BrewDog more after some perfectly cooked chips, too.

Start your night out the right way and set yourself up to be hangover free the next day by visiting Cromars award-winning fish and chip shop. Who doesn’t love a chippy tea? Plus, students get 10% off. It’s a no-brainer.

A Cromars fish box, munchy box at the beach

2. Take a friend out to the Botanic Gardens with some ice cream milkshakes

The St Andrews’ Botanic Gardens is beautiful, popular with students and tourists alike. It’s an 18-acre garden with a butterfly house that will make you fall back in love with nature all over again. Packed full of extravagant, extraordinary plants and flowers, it’s a great place to go for a walk with friends to clear your head, or to sit and do your university reading. It’s also the perfect place to enjoy one of Cromars incredibly thick, tasty ice cream milkshakes.

You can’t go wrong with an Oreo milkshake, right? A stressbuster right there!

Spring flowers at St Andrews Botanic Gardens

3. Take some one-of-a-kind pictures at East Sands beach

St Andrews’ own East Sands beach is one of the most wonderful spots in the town. Spending an afternoon there with your friends is a rite of passage. You can take lots of photos and post them on your socials for everyone back home to see (not to make them jealous, though). And when you’re by the sea, what could be better than enjoying some delicious food? Cromars sharing and munchie boxes will hit the spot! If you and your friends club together, these boxes are definitely student-budget friendly, and you get the discount too.

Just make sure you include them in your photos so your mum can see you are eating well!

Cromars food on the beach

4. Try a battered Mars bar

You’re a student, in St Andrews. You’ve got three years to eat all sorts of stuff you might never have again, and you’re in the land of the battered Mars bar. It’d be almost criminal for you not to give one a go!

Head over to Cromars for a perfectly battered Mars bar and see what all the hype is about.

5. Enjoy a twilight dinner at St Andrews Cathedral

St Andrews Cathedral was built in 1158 and is now classed as a ruin. It was, at one point, the centre of the Medieval Catholic Church. The ruins are a must for everyone who stays in St Andrews, whether as a student or a tourist.

To truly take in the magnificence that is St Andrew’s Cathedral, why not grab some easy, tasty grub at Cromars fish and chip shop before heading over? Students get 10% off, so order as much food as you’d like, then head on over to the ruins. Take a perch on the grass and enjoy some splendid battered fish or gooey mozzarella bites as you take in the beauty of our cathedral and chill.

The steps of the ruined St Andrews Cathedral

6. Fuel yourself up for a hike around the Fife Coastal path

Are you someone who loves nature and loves getting out and about? Then you’ve definitely come to the right university. The Fife Coastal Path is a fab long-distance footpath that runs from Kincardine to Newburgh. You can take the path up or down, up to the Eden Estuary visitor centre, or down towards Buddo Rock. Either way, you’re going to need some fuel in you before you set off. Take a quick trip to Cromars for some food to keep you going, then away you go around the Scottish scenery!

And if you just fancy staying in with your friends, or alone studying, you can order from Cromars on Deliveroo and enjoy your food in the comfort of your student digs in St Andrews.