Are you a St Andrews Tour Guide?

The key to being the best tour guide is making sure you know the history and the facts. You’ll also want to make sure your groups finish their tour satisfied. For tour guides around Fife, the best way to ensure complete satisfaction is to finish at the best chippy in Scotland. If you’re a St Andrews tour guide and you bring your group Cromars, they are sure to be completely satisfied. You’ll have endless five-star reviews and the benefit of plenty of great chips.

Did we mention, tour guides that bring at least five guests with them will also get to enjoy a meal and a soft drink for free?

A box of delicious food
Delicious food at Cromars

Tour-worthy attractions near Cromars

St Andrews is a brilliant place to be a tour guide. And if you’re looking for some recommendations as to where to take your group, we’ve got you covered. Our team is passionate about St Andrews, and we love the town we live in. So here are some places that your tourists will absolutely adore.

St Andrews Heritage Museum and Tranquil Gardens

With free admission from 10.30am to 4.30pm, there’s no better way to introduce tourists to Scottish culture and the history of St Andrews than the heritage museum. The museum itself is based in a 17th-century house and garden.

Within the museum, you and your group will be able to learn about the story of St Andrews, starting around the beginning of the 19th century. The displays are packed full of artefacts and objects that demonstrate how the social, working and domestic life in St Andrews has changed over the centuries.

The garden is also worth visiting, with a sensory garden and exhibitions. It’s one of the prettiest places in the town.

St Andrews Castle

Once you’re done at the museum, take a short walk with your tour group over to St Andrews Castle. Once the official residence of the leading bishop and archbishop, the church was home to key moments in the run-up to the Protestant Reformation.  Including the burning of Protestant preachers, key murders, and even a siege!

St Andrews' Castle grounds in bright winter sun
Ruins in St Andrews Castle

The castle is open 9.30am to 5.30pm from April to September, and 10am to 4pm from October to March. To enter, there is a small cost of £10 per person. You can, however, enjoy the ruins of the castle from the outside, too, free of charge.

The University of St Andrews

One of the highest-rated universities in the UK (4th as of the 2024 league tables!), the University of St Andrews is as rich in history as many of the other sites on this list. It was the first university in Scotland. And it’s the third oldest university in the English-speaking world.

Teaching began onsite in 1410. Since then the university has educated many great minds. Sir James Black, Nobel prize winner, studied there. As did Rudyard Kipling, JM Barrie, Edward Jenner, and William Dunbar. More recently, Emperor Palpatin and Ian McDiarmid studied there. As did William and Kate – yes, that William and Kate!

The university buildings are stunning, and there’s loads to find out about. It’s definitely worth a stop by on your way to Cromars for your delightful chippy dinner.

Martyrs’ Monument

Another quick stop on your tour to Cromars is the Martyrs’ Monument. It was built to honour four men executed in the town in the 16th century during the Scottish Reformation. It has become an iconic St Andrews landmark since then.

By taking your tourists to see Martyrs’ Monument, you will be able to teach them about the Scottish Reformation that saw the execution and murder of many people. It played a huge role in the place of religion in Scotland as a whole. The reformation is especially important and helped shape the town into what it is today.

Old Course

You might not be able to take your tourists golfing, but you can at least go to see the Old Course. The globally-renowned course was established in 1400, and is nicknamed the Home of Golf. With the golfing culture being as present as it is in St Andrews, it would be a mistake to miss a visit to at least one golf course off your tour!

External shot of the sign at the Old Course, St Andrews
The ‘home of golf’

And when you’re done…

You’ll be all tuckered out after that, and we’ll be awaiting you with big smiles and even bigger fillets of fish! You and your group can come and visit Cromars and unwind with an alcoholic beverage, loaded mac and cheese chips, or, in true Scottish spirit, a deep-fried Mars bar. If you bring five or more people to visit us for their lunch or dinner, you’ll get yours for free!