Things to do in a St Andrews summer

St Andrews is a popular tourist destination all year round. In the summer, people come for our long beaches, golfing paradise and long warm days. As well as our fish and chips, of course. No summer holiday would be complete without a trip to Cromars. But when you’re not eating the finest fish supper in St Andrews, what else is there to do? Let us guide you.

Pretend to be in Chariots of Fire

There was a time when if you sang the Chariots of Fire theme song and ran in slow motion, everyone would get the reference and think you were hilarious. Nowadays, people might think you rather odd, but that isn’t to say you shouldn’t do it. This is especially true here because the famous running scene from the Oscar-winning movie was filmed right outside on West Sands beach. So click your slow motion option on your camera app and enjoy the summer sun on your back as you race along the sand. “Da da da da daaaa daaaa….”

If you are a wheelchair user, then there’s no need to miss out on speeding down our beaches. St Andrews offers beach wheelchairs so that everyone can enjoy their time together, whether that’s pretending to be in a movie or just having a nice picnic by the water. You can find out more about hiring one for free here

Guided tours

Summer is a great time for a guided tour to see right into the heart of St Andrews. There are so many stories to this town that it would be easy to miss most of what makes us…us. 

Ghost tours are a great way to do this. They run regularly and help you see a side of St Andrews often hidden. Find out more about ghost tours here.

St Andrews Cathedral

St Andrews cathedral with stunning blue and cloudy sky

Summer in St Andrews often gives you the best weather for views, and one of the best places to take in a view is at St Andrews Cathedral. This ruin is fascinating to wander round and imagine how people lived hundred of years ago. There is an on-site museum, and wonderful views over the water. 

Highland Games

The St Andrews Highland Games is something you may not have heard of, but it’s defiantly worth a visit. Running since 1984, it takes place on the last Sunday in July. You can enjoy a range of entertainment from Highland dancing to piping and tug o’ war. Tossing the caber is, of course, absolutely essential viewing. 

Two girls doing a Highland dance.

A round of golf

We couldn’t suggest coming to St Andrews and not at least enjoying the view of the old course. It’s not often that you can still play a game on the very ground it was invented on, but that’s what you can do here. Golf was first played in St Andrews 600 years ago, and you can do so too by entering a ballot for the Old Course

There’s so many lovely things to do in a St Andrews summer that you just need to remember to leave time for a visit to Cromars to fill up your belly. Our delicious menu is made to order, giving you the most delicious freshest fish. Come say hello when you visit.