Self Care and Wellness

The quaint coastal town of St Andrews is steeped in history, nature, and, perhaps most of all, golf courses. But one thing it boasts that many overlook is the perfect location for a wellness trip. Whether you’re new to wellness and self care or a seasoned spa-goer, St Andrews has some wonderful must-visit places for you.

Start your year with self care

The phrase ‘start as you mean to go on’ exists for a reason, and by starting January with a wellness journey, you can really set yourself up for a brilliant year. January is the perfect time to embark on a transformative journey of self care, relaxation, and rejuvenation, and St Andrews is the perfect place to do it.

Put the hustle and bustle of Christmas behind you, and step into the new year with a clear mind, goals, and a promise to look after you this year. The first step? A trip to Fife.

Beautiful older woman at a spa
Start your journey to self care and wellness in St Andrews

Where to go on your January Wellness journey in St Andrews

St Andrews is known for its golfing and history, so it isn’t the place people instinctively think of when looking to go on a wellness trip. If you want to escape the crowds, and go somewhere that you can truly unwind – St Andrews is the place for you. There are plenty of options for someone looking to practice a little self care.

St Andrews Buddhist Meditation Group

This meditation group welcomes everyone, no matter your experience level, and offers two weekly sessions. Guests looking to meditate can visit on Wednesday evenings for a guided meditation session. Followed by a discussion. Or they meet at the Secret Garden at St Mary’s Quad for outdoor walking meditation – weather allowing!

Meditation is a great way to focus, clear your mind, and think about your goals, yourself, and your desires. You will be guided through the process by an expert. And you’ll come out feeling relaxed, ready for the next step in your wellness journey.

diverse group of young sporty people meditating
Clear your mind

Kohlers Waters Spa

Within the Old Course Hotel, Kohlers Waters Spa boasts relaxing and rejuvenating experiences. Inspired by the earth’s natural mineral-rich waters and their famous restorative properties. It is the only Kohler Waters Spa in the UK. And offers a great range of treatments like massages and an all-day immersion with therapeutic water treatments.


If you want to take care of the body and soul, this five-star beauty salon is the perfect place to visit. Escape is a unisex salon offering treatments that use high-quality products and the latest techniques. With their expert professionals, you can have some proper ‘me’ time. Helping you to gather your thoughts, relax, and feel more like yourself. It’s a great activity for anyone on a wellness or self care journey in St Andrews.

Young man and woman lying down on massage beds at luxury spa and wellness center
Relax and rejuvenate

Wild Scottish Sauna

The Wild Scottish Sauna is a must-visit location for those practising self-care while in St Andrews. A truly unique experience. At the Wild Scottish Sauna you can reap all the benefits of a wonderful sauna. And, all while looking out across the natural rugged beauty of Scotland.

The sauna offers group and solo sessions. You can either rejuvenate and find some peace. Or take a chance on a joint experience and become one with nature together. Whatever fits your wellness journey best, the Wild Scottish Sauna will cater to it.

Cold Water Swimming

As strange as it may seem, cold water swimming has been proven to benefit our physical and mental health. And is something that you can do while in St Andrews! With the North Sea lapping away at our coast, the chilly waters are perfect for cold water swimming. It helps to increase tolerance to stress, boost self-esteem, increase immunity, radiant skin, and even decrease inflammation!

It might seem daunting, but just get yourself a good wetsuit and go for it. Of course, you’ll get a post-swim high, and all the bragging rights that come with doing something new and exciting!

Two women stand at the river's edge as the sun rises, having just finished a winter swim.
Cold water boosts your wellbeing

Nature Walks

The Scottish scenery is second to none. And, in St Andrews there are many nature walks you can explore. Whether you’re interested in strolling along the coast. Or you want to explore inland with the Lade Braes walk or Old Course walk. There’s something for everyone. Moreover, it’s free, and a great way to start off your wellness journey.

Indeed, walking and exploring nature is great for our minds, bodies and souls. It has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety. It also improves cardiovascular health, boosts immune systems and enhances creativity and focus. Moreover, taking a trip through the Scottish countryside should be on your list of things to do for wellness any time of the year.

And, of course, when you are feeling a bit peckish, you can visit us for some good old comfort food! Take a look at our delicious menu.