St Andrews Historic Attractions

The beautiful town of St Andrews in Fife is a fantastic holiday destination for history buffs. With its timeworn ruins, historic university and the oldest golf course in the world, there is so much to explore. So here are our top 5 historic attractions to visit in St Andrews…

Old Course

The iconic Old Course on St Andrews Links is known as the world’s oldest golf course. Over 600 years, the game was born and developed here. Golfers and golf fans flock to see the famous Swilcan Bridge. Some golfers may even get the chance to play a game on this hallowed ground.

The 18th hole at the Old Course, St Andrews
Golf has been played in St Andrews since the early 1400s.

University of St Andrews

Not only is St Andrews known for golf, it’s also home to the oldest university in Scotland, and indeed one of the oldest in the world. Founded in 1413, the university occupies many picturesque buildings throughout the town. The Town and Gown Walk will take you past some of this magnificent architecture. Also, the Wardlaw Museum tells the story of the university, its staff and students, and the remarkable work carried out there.

St Andrews Cathedral

St Andrews Cathedral dates from 1158, and although it now lies in ruins, a tall tower and squire remain. The impressive St Rule’s Tower stands 33 m high and is an imposing landmark in the town. The relics of St Andrew are said to have been housed there.

The steps of the ruined St Andrews Cathedral
The 12-century ruins of St Andrews Cathedral

St Andrews Castle

A short walk from the cathedral, you’ll find another fascinating medieval ruin, St Andrews Castle. There has been a castle on this site since the 12th century, which has been destroyed and rebuilt several times. The castle was used as a prison for many years, and there is much history to uncover.

St Andrews Heritage Museum

Set in a historic 17th-century house and garden, the St Andrews Heritage Museum is one of the best places to learn about our local history. Museum displays include amazing reconstructed shops and a collection of artefacts and objects.

Fish and chips by the shore in St Andrews, Scotland
Enjoy fish and chips by the shore in St Andrews

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