Try these delicious desserts at Cromars

Are you a lover of all things sweet? Looking for some really good desserts in Scotland? We’ve got your back. At Cromars, we put passion into everything we do. We never do anything in halves, because what’s the point? That attitude has helped us curate a perfect sweet treats menu for people who want a sweet accompaniment with their fish and chips or are craving some desserts made with love.

Want to know more? Then you’re in the right place. Here’s a rundown of the desserts we sell at Cromars. Try not to let your mouth water too much.

Luxury Warming Hot Chocolates

We know that the Scottish climate can get a little frosty, so to keep our beloved customers warm we sell delightful luxury hot chocolates complete with a swirl of cream and a scattering of marshmallows. Rich, creamy and utterly velvety, the hot chocolate will instantly transport you into a world of comfort and happiness. It’s the perfect treat for a cold morning, and an even better way to finish a meal of award-winning fish and chips.

Caramel Churros

Churros are a top-tier dessert if you ask us, and we’ve elevated them even more by filling them with caramel. They’re perfectly golden brown, crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Absolutely packed full of gooey, sweet caramel, they’re served dusted in sugar and piping hot. It’s like heaven in a bag, and even our own staff find it impossible to resist. Originally from Spain (possibly), we’ve made this dish our own!

Deep Fried Mars Bars

Of course these are on our menu – would we even be a Scottish chippy if they weren’t? A deep fried mars bar is a true Scottish delicacy, and it is something that every visitor to our great country has to try at least once on their trips. We’ve absolutely mastered the art of transforming this beloved tasty chocolate bar into a crispy, gooey and all-around decadent dessert. The warm, molten Mars bar is surrounded by a crispy, light, golden batter that provides not only an incredible juxtaposition in taste, but in texture, too. It is a sensation that has to be experienced to be believed! Definitely one of the best desserts in Scotland.

Biscoff Milkshakes

We don’t just do desserts, though. Our sweet treats menu includes our very popular luxury milkshakes. Our Biscoff milkshake is pure indulgence. Made with soft serve ice cream and topped with whipped cream, a Biscoff drizzle, and a Biscoff biscuit, it’s heavenly. The biscuits are blended and mixed with our ice cream to create a symphony of flavours and the perfect milkshake texture just for you.

White Chocolate Milkshakes

Not everyone likes it, but those who do like white chocolate love it. This milkshake is like a love letter to those people. Made with vanilla-flavoured soft-serve ice cream and white chocolate, the milkshake is delightfully sweet and tasty, and is topped with a dollop of whipped cream and white chocolate shavings that will absolutely satisfy even the biggest sweet tooth!

Oreo Milkshakes

It’s a classic, and we do it perfectly. Mixing the star combination of milk and Oreos together, our Oreos milkshakes will transport you to Oreo heaven. A thick, velvety shake that is absolutely packed full of flavour and Oreos, these milkshakes alone will have you coming back for more. They’re just impossible not to love!

Ice Cream

A timeless classic, we sell soft serve ice cream by the cone or the tub, so you can control your ice cream style. Our ice cream is soft, melty, and is flavoured with just the right amount of vanilla. It’s perfect for a warm day or a small sweet treat at the end of an indulgent fried meal.

Come and find out for yourself!

Has that piqued your interest? Is your stomach growling as you finish reading? Come and get your fill of these delicious desserts at Cromars in Scotland, and enjoy everything that we’ve got to offer, served with a smile.