Cromars Chip Shop on TikTok

When you work in customer service, sometimes you get some truly bizarre questions thrown your way. This goes for everyone, from bus drivers to lifeguards to us, your favourite chippy workers. At Cromars, we love every single one of our customers – but that doesn’t mean we’ve not been asked some utterly baffling questions. Did you see our recent video ‘things said to us while working in a chip shop’ on TikTok?

Here are just some of the strange sorts of things our staff have to answer on a regular basis.

Our freaky FAQ!

How much? But it’s not that much in my local!

This is a big one; we’re sure other places in St Andrews get it. St Andrews is an expensive town to live in. It’s steeped in history, on the coast, and full of great people like our staff. As a result, things just…cost more. We wish they didn’t, but that’s just how it is! So if you’re coming from a small town, yes, our chips cost more than your local. But we guarantee you’ll have a better experience sitting and eating them by our coast than in a city centre somewhere.

Cromars fish, chips and mushy peas with the sea in the background
Can’t beat chips by the sea!

Can I get salt and vinegar on mine please mate?

Now obviously, when we’re serving you, we want to know what you want. But if you’re asking the person at the till, or someone who has not interacted with you, to put salt and vinegar on yours, you may as well ask someone in the queue. We’re a busy restaurant, and often have at least seven or eight meals in front of us. Our cashier and all of our staff are not going to know for definite which one of the many meals in front of us is yours, so just hold off for two seconds, or let us know when you order!

I’ve been waiting 20 minutes to order!

Not a question per se, but something we hear plenty of. Cromars is an award-winning chippy, which means we attract lots of attention. As a result, sometimes, we get super busy. If you are in a queue of 20 people and it takes us 20 minutes to serve you, that’s a meal a minute!

Obviously, if you’re the only person in the store and we’ve not got around to you, then absolutely point it out. But we’re sure that our wonderful staff wouldn’t do that.

Do you eat fish and chips every day?

Not every day…but when it tastes as good at Cromars, wouldn’t you have it as often as you could? We’re on our feet all day and need to fuel ourselves, but we like a little variety. We save the fancy milkshakes and battered Mars bars for special occasions.

Scampi on salad on a beach
We like a bit of variety!

Can I get fish?

Yes, of course you can. What fish? The answer is usually just “fish”. If you’re not sure what you want, ask our staff for suggestions! Just asking for “fish” is going to get you nowhere…We’ve got plenty of options to choose from.

How much longer will I have to wait?

Hm… let’s see. Until it’s cooked? Does that work for you?

There are a few videos about things people get asked in a chip shop on TikTok but we love ours the best. (Of course!)