About Cromars Classic Fish and Chips

Welcome to Cromars Classic Fish and Chips in St Andrews, Scotland. We’re so happy you found us! We’re a multi-award-winning fish and chip shop that will take you back to the past. That’s because we create the dishes of your childhood. When the summer never ended and the food was cooked with care, using only the best ingredients from the sea. Did you find us by following your nose? Breathe in that fresh fish-vinegar combo that sums up a day at the beach, whatever the weather.

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The best in the business

Cromars is run by Wendy. For someone who is as kind and generous a person as you could meet, her reputation for serving up only the finest quality food to her customers is fierce. We are no ordinary chippy. Indeed, we are a good Scottish chippy, twice voted “the best in the business in Scotland”. This is an eatery where you can enjoy world-class fish, caught from the sea on our doorstep, and chips delivered from down the road. Cromars isn’t just a great eat; we’re a destination experience. So, we hope you’re hungry!

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Our fish

What brings our customers coming back to us year after year? Well, there’s the banter (obviously), but friendly customer service only gets you so far. We take care and dedication over every single fish supper we prepare and cook. 

Our fish is brought fresh to us by our fishmonger and our chips are delivered each day from our potato man. Also, we prep our homemade tartare sauce and mushy peas each morning in the shop. So we believe that you could only get a fresher meal by eating the fish straight from the sea and crunching on a raw potato.

Our fish are ‘angel cut’. This means with every order you get one 8oz whole fillet of haddock. This is authentic food, cooked fresh as you order and delivered to you as quickly as possible. Add in a portion of perfectly cooked chips, lather it with salt and vinegar, and you’re on your way to the best food you have had in a long time. 

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About Wendy

You might speak to Wendy on your visit here. She’s one of those people that loves to make people happy. Born and raised in Peterhead (“Peter-heed”), our largest landing port for fish in the UK, she is said to have fish running through her veins. Brought up around fishing boats, yellow wellies and thick jumpers, Wendy would regularly take a fry around to other people’s homes. Forget wine, chocolate or flowers, a fry is a box of fish to eat. Some things never change, and she will still bring fish to the table. 

She knows the heartache that can go into securing the best fish available. The journeys and lengths, in poor conditions, these men would endure were immense. Waving goodbye to their families on a Sunday night, returning three weeks later. We underestimate the journey these men go on, risking their lives for us to enjoy delicious fresh fish.

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Tasting is believing

This is the passion that goes into every meal that comes from Cromars today. We respect every dish and perhaps that’s the key to our success. From sea to plate, we get the best out of our ingredients to give you the best meal possible. Tasting is believing. So, come and visit us at Cromars Classic Fish and Chips in St Andrews and discover just what makes us so special.

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